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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to provide a consistent roast and taste?

Yes. After researching the latest and traditional roasting technologies, we have decided on Air Roasting. This will provide a consistent roasting profile that has been tested and refined to bring out the best in the coffee bean every time. We roast to order providing the freshest taste.

What Happened to Ashtons Australian Coffee?

Lindsay and David established their coffee plantation at Koonorigan in the Byron Bay hinterland in 2000. They planted 4000 arabica coffee plants and four years later hand picked their first commercial crop. Since then they have been honing the art of growing, processing, roasting and making coffee with their beans as they pass from the tree to the cup.

Their efforts have been rewarded by satisfied customers, peer appreciation, connoisseur critique and competition awards. And now, after 18 years of perfecting the art they feel the time is right to pass on their expertise, beans and customers to Roasters with Altitude to continue creating a great tasting coffee.

We wish David and Lindsay well on their new life raising our cup of coffee to their good health and good fortune.

It is our mission at Roasters With Altitude to carry on their hard work and offer a greater range of tastes and services to their customers.

Where do you roast your coffee?

We operate our innovative award winning Chinook Air Roaster from the picturesque Blue Mountains. We bring Coffee grown in the Misty Mountains at altitude to 1065 metres above sea level.

Do you send products internationally?

No. We service the Australian Market, where our Beans can be delivered quickly and efficiently?

How do you send your Products?

We use Australia Post for their reliability and speed of delivery to your door.