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After 6 years at  Carriageworks Farmers Market we have decided to call it a day and in 2024 we will be operating Thursday to Sunday from Molly, our new Coffee Cart in the Blackheath. Where we have permanently installed our roaster in the picturesque Blue Mountains, we are developing and perfecting profiles for new beans and blends. We will continue to expand our range over time.

We are able to provide coffee from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Columbia and Brazil in addition to our Timor and Byron Bay Coffee.

These new Beans are available as Single Origin or as a Blend. Initially these will be roasted to order to keep them as fresh as possible. At a later date, we may have roasted stock on hand as demand allows for quicker delivery.

We also have decaffeinated water treated beans from Columbia for those lovers of full flavoured coffee, without the stimulation.

Our commitment to developing and supporting Timor through marketing their developing coffee industry and supporting our Timor learning Centre will continue.

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