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Ashton’s Australian Coffee

Lindsay and David established their coffee plantation at Koonorigan in the Byron Bay hinterland in 2000. They planted 4000 arabica coffee plants and four years later hand picked their first commercial crop. Since then they have been honing the art of growing, processing, roasting and making coffee with their beans as they pass from the tree to the cup.

Their efforts have been rewarded by satisfied customers, peer appreciation, connoisseur critique and competition awards. And now, after 18 years of perfecting the art they feel the time is right to pass on their expertise, beans and customers to Roasters with Altitude to continue creating a great tasting coffee.

Following the tradition of Ashton’s Coffee we are please to offer the same beans and roasts that Ashton’s coffee has become known for.

Our three types of coffee:
Dunoon Roast
Produced from dry processed cherries that have been allowed to fully ripen and become raisins on the tree before harvesting. Natural sugars develop and infuse. Flavours are deeper and more complex with tannins and molasses predominating. A dark roast fully expresses these characteristics;

​Clunes Roast
Produced from still plump cherries harvested when the skins have ripened to be deep red in colour. A wet process is employed to remove the skins and reveal two coffee beans. These are carefully fermented and washed to reduce mucilage and dried to become parchment and then green bean. A medium roast optimises a richness of flavours which are bright, fresh and have balanced acidity and sweetness;

Bangalow Roast
This is a blended coffee using a mix of our dry and wet processed beans. After trying various mixtures to achieve the best flavour balance, we have found the answer to simply be a 50:50 mix.The blend which is medium dark roasted, produces a beautiful balance of deep robustness and fresh richness.